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And Towns writes innovative policy briefs and research articles for funders, partners, community groups and wider stakeholders. 

Our Feeling Towns project will launch the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Place-Based Research Programme Policy Brief Series. This brief argues that current metrics for measuring “pride in place” are underdeveloped, and the language of pride has been used inconsistently across Levelling Up policy materials. It uses insights from Feeling Towns to make recommendations for Levelling Up stakeholders about the significance of understanding pride in shaping and evaluating policy. 


Nicky Marsh, Michael Howcroft, Joseph Owen

Download the full brief here.

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Our response to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee provides evidence and recommendations on:

  • how culture reanimates public spaces and high streets

  • how creatives can contribute to local decision-making and planning of place 

  • how the Government can support places without artistic infrastructure to take advantage of levelling up

  • how the Government builds on schemes such as the UK City of Culture to increase funding for arts and culture


Nicky Marsh, Dan Ashton, Michael Howcroft

Download the full response here.

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